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        公司簡介 ABOUT US
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        Xinghua Tongyuan Filtration Fittings CO.,Ltd.is a factory which specializes in water treatment equipments (mainly filters) and accessories of stainless steel wedge wire screens and water filter covers,We mainly produce stainless steel products,such as water filter nozzles,screen paltes,wedge wire screens,mine sieving mesh,centre distribution drainge device,resin sprayer,acid and alkali sprayer,safety shower with eye wash station,resin feeder cart,pall ring and so on.We have materials of 304,321,1Cr18Ni9Ti,316,316L,904L,Haynes allo B and C.

        There are many technicians and skilled workers in our factory.We pay enough attentions in the skills of producing and can manufacture as your requests and drawings if any need.

        The products are mainly assemblied in the devices of water retreatment(filters)of electric power,chemical industry,metallurgy,paper making,food making,erosion control,oil well and gasser for coarse filtration and fine filtration.

        Our company is one of the specified factories of some big national power companies in china.We slao export these to the companies from Malaysia,Indonesia,India,and Brazil.

        We will provide the actural quality certificate for our products before they are delivered to you if you need,and wish you aviod the poor quality stainless steel productions,this way you will reduce the costs of services after selling.

        "Excellent quality,honest managing,tropical services"is the purpose we stand in the world.Warmly welcome you,old or new friends to come and discuss business with us.Let's be good friends,be stronger together,and stand well tomorrow.