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        What are the benefits of using a wire mesh screen



        2、 V型剖面結構避免堵塞,確保流通順暢。

        3、 連續的孔隙能長期有效使用。

        4、 梯形濾水管結構堅固,孔隙率高,縫隙尺寸精確。

        5、 梯形絲濾水管容易反沖洗,使用壽命長,安全可靠,綜合成本低



        2、運行成本低 孔隙率高的濾水管更有利于地下水的滲入,充沛的水量使得水位的降深減小,從而減少能量消耗。

        3、減小泵的磨損 在同等條件下,較高的孔隙率使得地下水在滲入濾水管時的速度較滲入其它過濾裝置時的速度要慢的多,這樣就避免沙子在較大的水壓下進入濾水管,減小水泵磨損。

        4、延長水井的壽命 相對而言,地下水滲入孔隙濾高的濾水管更容易一些,水流速度低,延長水井的使用壽命。

        Use trapezoidal thread many benefits:

        1, continuous gap greatly increased the area of water, and therefore better contact with the aquifer.

        2, V type structure to avoid clogging, ensure smooth flow.

        3, continuous pore energy can be used effectively for a long time.

        4, ladder filter pipe structure is strong, high porosity, accurate slot size.

        5, trapezoidal wire filter pipe is easy to backwash, long life, safe and reliable, low comprehensive cost


        1, the higher porosity of the filter pipe is more suitable for the construction of high efficiency water, oil, gas wells.

        2, the operation cost is low and the filter pipe with high porosity is more conducive to the infiltration of groundwater, so that the water level of the water level decreases, so as to reduce energy consumption.