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        What is the silk screen?











        Today I'd like to introduce you to the wire wound screen.

        screen as the name implies, is mainly used for filtering, sand, and sand control, is widely used in oil and gas wells and sand industry in the world, its position in the water industry is especially prominent, various water resources screen in one of the most widely used.

        wire screen adopts the world advanced all around the welding production process, application of special wire winding in a trapezoidal support group arranged on the periphery of round wire welded.

        The main characteristics of wire wound screen are:

        1, solid structure, high porosity, accurate slot size. Especially suitable for fine sand and silt formation.

        2, easy backwashing, long service life, safe and reliable, low comprehensive cost.

        3, High porosity

        4, low operating cost, high porosity of the filter pipe is more conducive to the infiltration of groundwater. The amount of water makes the water level drop down, thus reducing energy consumption. Especially suitable for fine sand and silt formation.

        5, reduce the wear of the pump, in the same conditions, high porosity and the groundwater in the infiltration of the filter speed is infiltrated into the other filtering device the speed much slower, thus avoiding the sand into the sieve tube in the larger water pressure, reduce the pump wear.

        6, prolong the service life of the water well, relatively speaking, the infiltration of groundwater into the high porosity of the filter pipe is easier, the flow rate is low, prolong the service life of the water well.